#T4GRoR Photos and thoughts!

I just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone who attended the event today and made it great! I had a fantastic time and hopefully everyone else did too, the feedback was very positive.

If anyone has any feedback please pop catch us in any of the usual places- Twitter @TaleOfFourGeeks email TaleOfFourGeeks@gmail.com or on the contact form on the website.

Things we learnt from the event:
-Round Timings; breakthrough only needs 25min rounds but the scenarios need 40min rounds. We could have also done a much shorted break in between rounds, we just played it safe on the initial guess as I wasn’t sure how efficient the data entry would be! Overall, the timings today worked great but the earlier breaks were slightly too long.
-Challenges need clarifying. Leaders act exactly as characters.
-Vanguard is allowed, and I think this was intended by the GW events team in the original pack but was badly worded (scouting, tunnelling etc is forbidden).
-Our fancy score sheet needs extra boxes for the scenario post-game bonuses!

Overall, the event made £51.65 on the day (from cakes and re-rolls!), which will be going directly to the Guide Dog’s Charity. The event itself made a slight loss on tickets but I’m happy to take that on the chin myself so the full amount taken today will go to charity. 10 players was our break even point, after which the full ticket price was all going to charity. It’s a shame we hadn’t managed to pull in a few more players- if we had got the full 20 then the amount for charity would have been more like £200! Nevermind, next time!

In an effort to ensure the accounts are completely transparent (given the dramas with previous “charity” events!), here’s the link to the spread sheet: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wom2wz5f9mgsx … ounts.xlsx . I’ll make sure I get a receipt from the Guide Dog’s charity and post it here.

We will be running another RoR event in around 6 months time so keep an eye out on the T4G site for more details- much more notice next time!

Thanks again for helping make it a brilliant event, and hopefully we’ll see you all again at the next one!!


1st Place- Dan Quirk

2nd Place- Daniel Storer

3rd Place- Rob Hull

Best Painted: Andy Figg and Dan Quirk (tied)

Best Sports: Andy Figg

 photo photo_zps512f0cfb.jpg
 photo photo2_zpsbd457db9.jpg

 photo photo_zps25cfc12d.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly20131_zps7c039c36.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly20132_zps95db3318.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly20133_zpsab8703a8.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly20134_zpsaab2f713.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly20135_zps0d84621b.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly20136_zps10008bf0.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly20137_zps3c0eb7c3.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly20138_zps746edb5c.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly20139_zpsc013408f.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly201310_zps4b9049bb.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly201311_zps2af41151.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly201312_zps865ef4d9.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly201313_zps8457be7f.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly201314_zpsc41cb74a.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly201315_zps0bff0e9d.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly201316_zps86bb68ed.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly201317_zpsc980d4ce.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly201318_zpsb6ba6e4f.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly201319_zps1183641d.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly201320_zpsc80d9e12.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly201321_zpsb2f9e30e.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly201322_zpsb88bb03a.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly201323_zpsb4814c6c.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly201324_zpsd00bcfea.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly201325_zps35e9aad9.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly201326_zps4f7da88e.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly201327_zps39c59678.jpg

 photo T4GRoR14thJuly201328_zps63347489.jpg

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