Tale of Four Geeks – Neil’s Lizardmen

I’m sure you’ve realised by now that I like to experiment and play around with new ideas when I’m modelling and painting. Some of those ideas, like my Hellpit Abomination and my Chaos Warshrine, work really well and I end up with something unique and different that I’m really pleased with.

On the other hand there have been many experiments that have never seen the light of day. My Nurgle themed Warshrine that looked like a disturbing cross between a sex toy and a poo; my attempt at making Chaos Raptors using normal CSM’s and Gargoyle wings are two that spring to mind.

To be honest there have been more horrendous mistakes than there have been works of hobby genius. But I do find that to make something amazing you have to make a lot of mistakes and I have learned more from every conversion that’s hidden away in my bits box somewhere than I have from my success’s.

So why the hobby introspection I hear you ask?

Well as I’m sure you’re all aware as part of the T4G show we’ve all decided to start up new armies and blog about how they develop. I’m going to be doing Lizardmen, well mainly Skinks and Stegadons but that’s for a blog post about army lists.

So I started to think about how I wanted this army to look, what the basing would be and the overall theme to the army and guess what?

I’ve had an amazingly brilliant/ absurdly awful idea.

This is how all my experiments with the hobby start out. An idea that gets me really excited and motivates me to get out the tools and paints. Now normally this is the bit of the hobby that I hide away. At this point what I’m planning has the potential to be amazing or sh*t and I don’t know which it’ll be.

But I’m not going to hide this away until I’ve created something I’m pleased with or binned the idea. Instead I’m going to blog it and post it to twitter for all to see.

So I hope this will inspire some of you to try out some of your crazy ideas and see what happens, and maybe even share them with the world. For everyone else please bare with me if I change my mind part way through building this army, its all part of the learning experience.

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