Tale of gamers month 1

Tale of gamers 1
so my local GW store, which is run by a normal human being and is a pleasant place to sit and paint on a day off (a rarity nowadays). Started a tale of gamers event for 40k, now I have been out of 40k since 6th came out, so with 7th coming out I thought this would give me a good excuse to get back into it.

So the plan is in the first month you pick a Hq and a troop choice up to 250pts, then every month you add another 250pts of whatever you want, plus every month there will be an extra challenge to do. So after six months we will all have a 1500pt army and we are hoping to have a group trip up to a throne of skulls with them at the start of next year.

So I decided to do a pure nurgle deamon army, which meant my first months choices picked themselves, I got a nurgle herald and a unit of ten plaguebearers.


Now there is a competitive element to this, you get points every month for the following:
Declaring your months picks on time
Building, painting and basing your models on time
Completing your months challenge
And starting in month two, playing a game with your army with 1pt for a draw and 3pts for a win.

So the challenge for month one was to write a background story on your army, so here is mine.


So after month one I am on max points! Yay! So is everyone else! Boo!

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