Tale of gamers month 3

I couldn’t wait for this month to start so I could get Dave the deamon prince on the table, but firstly we got our challenge, we had to write a mission that suits the style of our army. So I came up with mission in which the enemy deploys in the middle of the board and the deamons deep strike in and kill everyone!

My declaration for this month was another ten plaguebearers


and a unit of plague drones


My game this month was against Tim and his eldar, he had a Farseer, rangers and a million jet bikes! Dave proved his worth this game by killing 75% of the eldar on his own! i found out that if i roll iron arm for one of his psyker powers i will win the game and if i don’t i wont!

So month three done and I have still yet to drop a point, out of the twelve there are only 5 still on max points.

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