The Map- Albion, the Shrouded Isle

In anticipation of our upcoming slow-grow campaign, I’ve knocked up a campaign map to represent the mythical island of Albion, where our campaign will be taking place!

The first thing to consult was the old official map of Albion, which featured in the Dark Shadows campaign booklet a few years ago. (ok…. maybe more than a FEW years ago!). This gave me a great starting point and also served as a reminder for the specific landmarks which needed adding to the map.



The image below shows the Great Ogham- the largest of the Ogham stone sites. Dotted around the map are further Ogham Stones.


The next landmark is the Citadel of Lead. This was a bit of a quick Greenstuff job, with part of the Mighty Empires Wizards tower added for height!


Next up is the Tower of Agog, an ancient shrine to the Chaos gods built by the Fimir, for sacrificing their enemies!


There are a few more specific sites- you can check out the rules for them all in the Shrouded Isle campaign rules in the Downloads section (top right of the site!)

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