The Canvas of War- Jon’s Grimgor Ironhide Conversion Part 2

I’m super excited to get this blog post up, as I have now finished my Grimgor Ironhide conversion!

This has without a doubt been my favourite ever model to convert and paint. I’m extremely happy with the final result! Everything from the repose, Dwarf victim, blood spattering from the dwarf’s face, to the checked freehand worked out exactly as I’d hoped.

Let me know what you think, and if you are interested in joining in with the competition, hit the Competitions button on the Main Menu above and get involved! Don’t forget, there’s a £15 Element Games voucher up for grabs courtesy of Element Games!








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One Response to The Canvas of War- Jon’s Grimgor Ironhide Conversion Part 2

  1. Adam Krupa says:

    Awesome job!! A much more dynamic and fitting pose for the most brutal black orc to ever live. You did him justice sir. Waaagh!!!!

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