The Kin-Slavers – Mournfangs

Following on from Neils example, over the coming weeks I’ll be doing a run through of each of the units in my Ogre Kingdoms army.

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To begin with I’ll explain a little background behind the army, and the best way to do that is to tell you the fluffy stuff!

The Kin-Slavers:
There are many Ogre myths told to young ogre whelps throughout the Mountains of Mourn. Many are fanciful in nature, telling of Ogre heros eating entire mountains, or legendary Hunters taking down an entire herds of stonehorn single handed. There are some stories, however, whispered around campfires on the coldest of nights, that are all too true; and even the Ogre’s feel the faintest shiver of fear at their telling.

In years past, one tribe of Ogres dwelt at the base of the mountains, on the edge of the Plains of Zharr. This close proximity to Zharr Nagrund led to a number of bloody encounters with the Chaos Dwarfs, with many Ogres dragged away in chains to serve their new masters, or to be thrown into the blazing furnaces as tributes to Hashut. These raids all but wiped out the tribe, until one foresighted Ogre sought to forge a deal with the Dwarfs. The tribe led a desperate night assault on a neighbouring group of Ogres, capturing many of their kin, knocking them sensless, and dragging them on a long march across the waste to the gates of Zharr Nagrund itself. Here they waited, until the collosal gates of the city opened, and out marched the Infernal Guard accompanied by a Sorcerer Prophet of Hashut.

Little is known of the ensuing negotiation, but Ogres are not renowned for their ability to bargain. Ultimately, the Ogres turned to march home, but each wore a new red hot brand on their shoulder, the mark of their bargain with the servants of Hashut, and the bellowing screams of their sacrificed kin could be heard for miles around.

The tribe continue to lead raids into the mountains, attacking smaller tribes in order to capture more slaves for their Chaotic masters. Over many years, they have become known to other tribes as the Kin-Slavers, and the gifts of the Chaos Dwarfs have been many and great. Rumour has it, some of the Dawi Zharr now even accompany the Ogres to maintain the enourmous demon-machines gifted to the tribe, and the Ogres wear armour forged in the furnaces of Zharr Naggrund. Some even speak of enourmous demonic machines in the shape of Rhinox, ridden by some Ogre’s, but this must surely only be a myth.

The idea behind the army is simply that the Ogres are working for the Chaos Dwarfs as slavers, which has resulted in a number of benefits for the Ogres in the form of War Machines and equipment. Basically, its just an excuse for me to include the amazing Forge World resin kits in my army!

First up in the showcase are the Mournfangs. I got some influence from the mentions of Ghark Ironskin in the old Ogre book, an Ogre who had been gifted a giant mechanical Rhinox to ride to battle by the Chaos Dwarfs. I decided to do away with the standard Mournfang mounts in favour of the Juggernauts, as they are gorgeous models that could easily have been built using Dawi Zharr engineering.

The main issue when building the models was that the plastic Juggernauts arent really big enough for an ogre to ride, they are too thin, especially in the shoulders. To solve this I had to considerably bulk out the Juggers (In fact, I almost doubled the width!) by pinning the shoulders way out to the sides of the body and greenstuffing the rest of the shoulder back in.

I wanted to the riders to be super armoured so gave them as much armour plating as possible and full-face helmets. The visors on the helmet are made from Bloodletter heads, chopped up so that only a very thin bit of plastic with the face remained, then sculpted into the helmet leaving gaps for the ogres to see through etc.

Finally, the models were mounted on cork bases, partly to match the rest of the army, but also to boost the size up even more so they look even bigger.

I’d love to hear your comments and criticisms, so send them through on Twitter at @TaleofFourGeeks or @Jon_Kerr_T4G or email them to


Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

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