The Shrouded Isle- The Players

Jon- Wood Elves
Well…. Hopefully you know who I am! For more info on my Wood Elves, check them out here.

Liam- Beastmen
Liam is completely new to Fantasy, having played 40k on and off for a number of years. The slow grow will be his opportunity to learn a completely new system and gradually build up an army, ready for his first tournament!
His background behind his Regiment of Renown is that each battle is the drunken fireside storytelling of an old Centigor, boasting of days long gone by.
If you want to see more of Liam’s Beastmen, check out all his posts here.



 Nicola- Lizardmen
Nicola has been playing Fantasy for a number of years and is heavily involved with the Leicester University Gaming Society, including organising the 2013 Nationals event.
Her idea for the Lizardmen is that no two lizard are ever the same in colouration or pattern. Nicola has gone for a very neutral, realistic brown tone for her lizards, but the exact shade of brown varies from model to model, even within each unit! The overall effect is very interesting and super realistic, while still being cohesive.




 Graham- Dwarves
Graham has played Fantasy a few times over the years, but is really a hardcore 40ker! This campaign is his chance to get stuck into Fantasy properly and get some Dwarves ready for the table!
Graham has gone for a crisp, classic paint scheme for his Dwarfs, with a range of various colours for the cloth and leather on his models. All these colours are tied together by the burnished gold, bronze and dark metal effect he has used across the weapons and armour throughout his regiment! Graham is currently experimenting with some different basing techniques before settling on what he will use for the rest of the army.

 Paul- Dark Elves
Paul is completely new to wargaming in general- he has never picked up a brush to paint miniatures, or played any kind of wargame in his life before! Naturally, we were completely shocked when he turned up with some stunningly painted Dark Elf models to use for his Regiment of Renown! Paul is certainly one to watch on the painting front.

Chris- Nurgle Daemons
Chris is yet another avid 40ker, but he is also keen on his RPGs including D&D, Star Wars EotE amongst others. Chris is a keen GM, so we’re looking forward to reading the background of his army, and the narrative write ups for his game. Should be exciting!
Chris has used a fantastically simple painting scheme for his Nurgle Daemons, allowing him to knock out an awesome looking Regiment in very little time! He’s excited to get on with the larger army, and has a shopping list as long as his arm figured out already!

Ash- Slaanesh Daemons
Ash is an all-round wargamer, having played a huge range of wargames, board games and RPGs, including both Fantasy and 40k. While Ash was tempted to use Bretonnians for the campaign, ultimately he could resist the beguiling nature of Slaanesh.
Ash has some fantastic background behind his army and character, so make sure you check out the rest of his posts in the coming weeks to read more!
If you want to see more of Ash’s Slaanesh Daemons, check out all his posts here:
Nick- Ogres
Nick is an avid 40ker, with no Fantasy experience whatsoever. Thus far Nick is the only person who has resisted conversion to the Dark Side (mostly influenced by the fact that he has around 300 Tyranids waiting on his painting table). While we’re pretty sure he can be brainwashed into picking up a force later down the line, he’ll be using Jon’s “Kin-Slaver Tribe” Ogres for now.
For more info on the Kin-Slaver Tribe, check them out here.

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