The Shrouded Isle- Turn 1, The Landing

Turn one began with each player rolling off to determine where their forces would land upon the island.

The Dwarves were the first to reach Albion- their steam powered barges clearly giving them the advantage of speed in the calm waters currently surrounding the island. Naturally, they landed in the northwest region amongst the towering mountains north of the Giants Causeway, keen to unlock the secrets of the uncharted caverns and potentially undiscovered mineral wealth.
Close behind, the Wood Elves started to appear in the heavily forested south-east region. Their ability to utilise the World Roots to travel vast distances quickly had allowed them to arrive faster than many of their enemies.
The Kin-slaver Ogres, lent speed by the steamships of their Chaos Dwarf allies, crashed onto the western beaches of the isle, eager to find new slaves to capture for their dark masters.
The Dark Elves arrived on the western section of the island, their black corsair ships quickly setting up a port from which to raid the rest of the island.
Simultaneously, two portals from the realm of chaos ripped through the fabric of reality, and Daemons poured onto the Shrouded Isle. In the East, Daemons of Nurgle began to corrupt and infect the ground around them, while in the South West, Daemons of Slaanesh were heralded by strange and alien flora appearing suddenly from the barren earth.
Ancient vessels of strange design arrived on the northern section of the island, and strange reptilian creatures began to organise the surrounding area, unloading great slabs of marble from their ships to assemble temples to the Old Ones.
Finally, the Beastmen arrived in their ramshackle fleet, long behind the rest of the forces. They rampaged onto the southern section of the island, foaming at the mouths and eager to get to grips with the enemy….



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