The Shrouded Isle- Albion Slow Grow Campaign

To the west of the Old World lies a raging area of ocean, thundering rain falling upon the crashing waves like the tears of the old ones. When the storm rarely dies down, the area is still covered by an impenetrable fog. Ship captains avoid the area like the plague, knowing full well that no ship that ever enters that region of sea is ever sighted again. Even on the outskirts, the fog is so thick a sailor would be unable to see from port to starboard on the deck of his ship.
Legend tells that every few centuries, the mists clear to reveal Albion- a mysterious and isolated isle in the middle of the sea, inhabited only by Giants and reeling with magical energies. Tales are abundant of magical artefacts lost to the island, powerful wizards who take refuge to hide from the world, temples which harness the winds of magic and other such fanciful stories, but these are surely just fairy tales….
Regardless, word is spreading that the mists have once again lifted, and a strange island is visible on the horizon. Few captains are insane enough to investigate, since who knows how fast the storms will return? It would be wise not to ignore this opportunity, however, since enemy forces will be quick to take any advantage that can be gained from the Shrouded Isle. You should gather your armies…

This “slow-grow” campaign is designed as an easy way to build up a Warhammer Fantasy army in manageable chunks, to set short term painting objectives, and build upon tactics gradually.
The objective is that after 18months all participants will have a fully painted 1500pt army and an understanding of how to be a good general!
The campaign is based on Albion, a mysterious island in the ocean to the west of the Old World. Usually shrouded in mist and rain, the island occasionally reappears for a short time every few centuries.

This pack is a stand-alone rules set for running your own slow-grow campaign with clubmates. The only requirements are a suitably sized Mighty Empires board and a committed bunch of wargamers!
The campaign starts at Regiment of Renown games, then moves to 500pts and incrementally increases by 250pts each “season”. How long a season lasts is up to your gaming group- we chose 3 months to give plenty of time for painting.
The pack includes rules for different territories across Albion, army composition additions to allow you to recruit the local mercenaries, and even a weather chart provide a suitably dismal atmosphere for your games!
Please let us know if you are planning to use the pack, and we hope you enjoy it!

The campaign pack can be found here:


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