The Thunderous Herd – Part 1

Well hello there.

Right this is the start of a new fantasy army project, though I will be approaching it a little differently to how I usually do. Previously I’d go out and buy the whole army and build the lot of it before even thinking about adding any paint, this time I will be doing things a little differently.

I will be buying 1 unit at a time and then spend more time to complete it before moving on the next. This will probably mean the force will take longer to collect but the end result should be successful. I don’t think I can think of any disadvantages in doing the force in this way, but the only one that does come to mind will be the colour variations that will happen within the schemes and possibly the style of painting on different miniatures. But we shall see once I get started.

Right I have decided I wanted to build a fun list, that yes, will get smashed when I do play with it, but that is the challenge? By the time I do finish the force there will probably even be a new edition of Warhammer out (that’s a whole new conversation) and I’ll have to change everything but I’ll let you see the list in the future. For no here is the first model to join the army, a Stegadon:

 photo image_zps96c33645.jpg

 photo image_zps50e170e1.jpg

I love the Lizardmen, it was the army that got me in to the hobby in the first place, my first purchase was the Saurus paint set around 14-15 years ago then my collection built from there. Even though the most recent Stegadon model is big and awesome I feel it is a little static so I converted it to look like it was rearing up to slam it’s head in to it’s foe. There is still a lot of green stuff work to do on this guy but he is nearly there.

That’s it for now, he should be ready for painting by the weekend so I will let you see the finished model before he gets primed, and painted.

Thanks for reading.
Andy – @Praetoriian

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