Tree-buchet! (Part 1)

As you may know, I’ve not had a proper centerpiece in my army for some time now. Well that’s about to change!

While reading some old Warhammer fluff, I chanced upon Taal, God of Nature, who I felt would be a good deity for my peasants to worship, given it’d be sacrilege for them to pray to the Lady! A spark jolted through my brain, producing an image of Taal Druids deep in a magical chant, summoning a rooted Treeman to aid them in battle. I had found my Verdant Guard themed Trebuchet!

Now, this idea came about ages ago, and I contemplated using the old metal Durthu or reproducing a Treeman built out of Citadel Forests. But procrastination, my no. 1 enemy, kept rearing its ugly head and I never worked on it. Fast forward to a few months ago, when the plastic Treeman kit came out. Jackpot!

After studying the instructions (boy are these kits complex!), I set aside the bits that I thought would work. First was the antler-head as it fit with the stag theme I had going on already. The outstretched arm and upper body looked perfect as is, but I knew if I built it as is, the model would be too tall and humanoid. I wanted something shorter and more immobile to fit the Trebuchet’s rules, so swapped some arms and leg pieces, to make it stumpier and added a forest branch for the third root-leg, plus another for the left arm. I then made a cast of the chest piece using some Instant-Mold, which would help later on.


Got the pose I wanted, asked around for some feedback, which meant changing the orientation of the branch-arm, and then continued with the GS work. What I did here was use the cast made previously to give me some runes for the foot, as well as branch structures (see those on the top right of the chest piece?) which would blend better into the model.


As a break, I started working on the Druids which count as Trebuchet crew.


These were really simple conversions – Flagellant bodies and arms with Glade Guard heads. Add some suitable tree-hugging bits and we’re done!


Back to the Treebuchet. One great suggestion I got was for it to lob the Brass Bull’s head! This sounded great, but I toned it down into regular Minotaurs, as it wouldn’t be feasible for Taurox to be repeatedly killed!  Further conversion work later, I had a decapitated Mino hurled into the air. I initially produced a kitbashed torso made from an Ogre Bull and some fur bits down the spine, but in the second picture above, I figured it was too large for the base and that I’ll save it for the second Treebuchet (to be produced in 2026 when Brets get a new book).

The last picture shows what I opted for, a nice shield-bearing Mino arm, ripped from the body. I also then went and covered the GS work with some liquid GS, to blend it in with the plastic more. Not sure whether that was necessary.

And with that, my first ever (large-ish) centerpiece was built! Keep your eyes peeled for the next section, where I’ll talk about how I painted it.


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