Tree-buchet! (Part 2)

Welcome back! Here’s a good chance for you to find out how I paint my toys, as usually I’m too embarrassed to show off any WIPs (they usually look so horrible right up till the model is finished). The Treebuchet came out quite nicely in most stages surprisingly, so time to share!

(note that I use a mixture of old and new GW paints, mainly because I’m such a slow painter I’ve got loads of old paint pots still!)


Bark – liberal coating of Charadon Granite, washed all over with a random mix of Devlan Mud, Thraka Green and also mixing the two in some areas. After it dried, I drybrushed the bark again with Charadon Granite, to catch the raised areas and to add some texture to flat areas.

Sapwood, Beard and Antlers – All painted with Dheneb stone, then the wood got washed with Devlan, while the Beard and Antlers were washed with Seraphim Sepia.

Runes, Crevices, Eyes and leaves – Dark Angels Green. Painted quite sloppily around the runes (but with watered down paint) which helps add to the glow effect later.


Midtones & fun Glowy Effects!

The bark was then lightly drybrushed with Khemri brown, followed by a drybrush of Codex Grey. Yes, that’s right, grey. If you look at old trees in nature, you’d see they often have a grey-ish tinge, sometimes even silver!

Then my fav bit of the model was the runes. With quite watered down paint, I applied Snot Green, followed by Moot Green and then Moot Green mixed with White. At certain points I’d even go pure white, but making sure they are only in the crevices of the runes itself.


Highlights / Finishing touches

Bark – Edge highlighted with Codex Grey as well as thin lines across certain flat areas to give more highlighted depth. See second picture above

Sapwood – highlighted with Dheneb Stone

Leaves – Edge highlighted with Rotting flesh, then toned down with Waywatcher Glaze

Antlers – With Scorched brown, I shaded the base of the antlers and the bits where it splits. This is layered up with Screaming Skull, followed by a mix of Screaming Skull and White, with the tips a pure white.


For the Minotaur, I used a dark mix of Black and Mechrite Red and then taking a salmon mix by adding some Screaming Skull and drawing thin fine fur lines. The whole thing is glazed with Bloodletter, before adding some fun Blood for the Blood God. The shaggy fur was Incubi Darkness, highlighted with a mix of that and white.

The Druids were dreadfully simple too. Robes were Knarloc Green highlighted with Camo Green, then washed with Devlan. Skin tones was simply Tallarn Flesh, washed with Reikland Fleshshade and then highlighted with Tallarn. I also painted some magical glow on their hands which was done in the same way as the Treebuchet’s runes.





Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!



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