Vidpui’s Adepta Sororitas – Sisters of the Pure Morning Part 1

Hi y’all.

My friend asked me to paint his Adepta Sororitas for him and was happy enough to let me choose the colour scheme. After a few emails back and forth we settle on bone white armour with red cloth and silver metals. I breathed a sigh of relief because it was a simple scheme and easy to do.

So a couple of days went by and I received the Sisters in the post. He had neglected to tell me that they needed cleaning and stripping…

The army would consist of:
1 Celestine the Living Saint
1 Canoness
1 Repentia Squad
1 Sisters of Battle Squad
1 Sisters of Battle Seraphim Squad
1 Penitent Engine

They are all to have custom made urban style bases to fit in with an Inquisitor and bounty hunter I painted for him a while back.

So I started with the most tedious part – stripping the gals! I’d normally use Fairy power spray but had run out so ended having to use good old Dettol instead. As you can see from the second pic I dunked them in a container and covered them with Dettol, and left them for a few days (mainly because I forgot about them lol)

 photo sis1_zps92eb5f38.jpg

After a few days I took them out to clean off the residue. With Dettol, I find that it gets very gunky and messy when you try to scrub the paint off so it’s easier to wipe off the slime with a cloth first. I normally do this then leave the mini in the Dettol bath again. Once the majority of the paint is wiped off, I set them aside to dry. When these are dry go at it with lots of elbow grease with a stiff wire brush and it will take off the rest of the paint (see the 3rd picture). Give them a wash in some water to make sure all they are clean for the primer to stick.

On to the bases. I made these urban bases out of cork tile, and other random bits and pieces from my terrain bits box e.g. bits of plastic card, model bricks, bits of cork for stones, texture paste etc. The Seraphim squad needed some ping to them so I made the bases with structures pointing up for them to stick on to. Only problem is that they kept tipping over, but it was simply solved by gluing some 1p coins to the bottom.

 photo sis2_zpsceb6fe6e.jpg

After that it’s just a case of cleaning, gluing the models to the bases and priming them. More on that next time!


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