Vidpui’s Adepta Sororitas – Sisters of the Pure Morning Part 2

Hi, again. In this second part of the Battle sisters I’ll concentrating on how I painted the Nuns with Guns.

I like to keep things simple, mainly as I don’t have the time to over complicate paint jobs. A good way for that is to use a colour spray primer if, like me, you don’t have an airbrush. Games Workshop make a few different colours, I’d always get Skull White from them, Army Painter have a greater range of colours, and some other manufacturers too. These colour primers are a great, not to mention quick way, to get your primary colour done in one go. You can use green for orks or dark angels, red for bloodletters or blood angels etc.

So after cleaning the minis and sticking them on to the bases I primed them with Army Painter Skeleton Bone primer. This gives good coverage and a good base for the bone armour. Next I gave the whole mini a wash of slightly thinned GW Seraphim Sepia (just add a touch of water to help it flow more and not be too dark). This would give the minis the basic shadows.

 photo wip1_zps390055b9.jpg

Next I drybrushed, yes I said “drybrushed”, the armour. It’s quick and is suited to the bone armour effect I wanted. So I stared with a heavy DB of GW Bleached Bone all over. Keep the model upright and try to catch as much of it as you can. Then I followed this by a couple more drybrushes of GW Bleached Bone and VMC Ivory, adding more Ivory for each layer. The final dry brush of pure Ivory at the end, and the armour is done! (see 1st pic).

Next, on to the reds. This is simply layers of VMC burnt cadmium red with GW Evil Sunz Scarlet for highlights and a very thin edge highlight of GW Wild Rider Red at the end. This was followed by a wash of GW Baal Red, or any dark red, to help blend the reds together. (2nd Pic above)

Finally the silvers. These were base coated GW Leadbleacher, followed by a wash of VMC Smoke and a wash of Nuln Oil. The metals were then highlighted with Leadbleacher once dry. (see 3rd pic above). I used this method to paint the walker as well. Then any details were painted at the end. Brown with 2 washes of Agrax Earth for leathers, and some GW Shinning Gold for the gold.

 photo wip2_zps51562612.jpg

Celestine was a little different as she’s special. I primed it with some Liquitex Brown spray all over, the used the AP Skeleton bone from a shallow angle so it didn’t catch the shadows. (4th picture).

Then I layered the bone armour rather than dry brushing it, using the same colours as the normal sisters but added a edge highlight of pure Skull white at the end. I added an extra wash with Agrax earth in the deep shadows to get them really dark. (5th pic)

With the gold, I basecoaedt this with VGC Brassy brass, highlighted Auric Armour Gold, and some points of pure VAC Chrome. Then it’s given a thin wash of Reikland Flesh and Druchii violet to give it some pizzaz! You might want to re-highlight some parts just to get a bit of a shine back. (6th pic).

 photo wip3_zps7d73b28d.jpg

I was stuck on what to do with the wings, so I googled some images to get some inspiration. I eventually found some great looking wings, with the same colours I had used for Celestine (see pic7). A little bit of Photoshop magic and I had a clear idea of what to do with them lol

Pic 8 shows the finished reds, done in the same way as outlined above, just with more layers to get the blending really smooth.

Then on to the face (pic 9). I started with Tallarn flesh and washed it twice with Reikland flesh. This gives a good deep colour. Re-highlighted it with Tallarn flesh and highlighted by adding VMC Ivory. This is finished by a very thin glaze of Reikland flesh all over. Thank the Emperor shes got her eyes closed so I didn’t have to paint them!

That’s it, everything painted up. Next time some pictures of the finished Sisters.



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