Vidpui’s Adepta Sororitas – Sisters of the Pure Morning Part 3

The final part of this army, for now, and the best! The showcase for the minis :)

 photo sb1_zps9b386095.jpg

So the army all together. the colours all tie together and gives it a strong vibrant look. I’ve been asked to add to this force but that’ll be later on in the year. The Canoness was one of my favorites to paint, Ill have to get one for myself to add to the pile lol. Also included a picture of the limited edition Necromunda Bounty Hunter and Inquisitor that have conscripted this Sisters of Battle force into helping them.

 photo sb7_zps6e957e97.jpg

Next up the core units. Simple and easily painted but they do still look good on the custom bases. Just hope that the seraphims don’t fall over to much lol The Repentia Squad, with there reversed scheme fit in nicely while still being different.

 photo 2sb_zps8c113a76.jpg

The Penitent Engine, once again a simple main colour scheme but the details really make it come together and make a good mini. It is basically silver with blobs of red and white.

 photo 3sb_zps0a79c73b.jpg

Finally, the Living Saint, Celestine herself. I enjoyed painting this mini, mainly because I thought the wings would be trouble. Turned out but keep it simple and finding a scheme to copy it went smoothly.

 photo sb4_zps3c9b3980.jpg

Well, that all for the sisters for now, and its on to Wood Elves and Chaos Dwarfs next for me!

Thanks for looking.


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