Xmas in the Empire

First of all let me say Merry Christmas from all the geeks here at T4G and may you all have a prosperous new year.

As some of you will have heard on recent episodes my 500pts Empire list has been doing rather well of late. As my 500pts is pretty much finished, with only some snow on the bases and a couple of details left to pick out, I thought it was time I got some pics up for you guys.

The theme of the army is Morr so as you can see I have converted my halberdiers from the militia kit to give them a more rugged look. The unit will be 40 strong once finished and the movement tray will have some fences from the garden of Morr kit around the rear and side.

My Crossbowmen have again used many parts from the militia kit to keep them looking much more ragtag. I wanted to get across the feeling of a load of villagers taking up arms to fight off an undead attack as I dont feel Morr would have much access to trained state troops.

The Luminark I really enjoyed building and painting even though a couple of my lenses actually melted when I sprayed them with undercoat meaning the model is missing a couple for now (Not sure how or why this happened). The Priests of Morr pulling the Luminark were made using flagellant bodies with Westwind robed heads and I’m really happy with how these turned out. One thing I wanted to get across with my Luminark is that its been in use for years and showing signs of wear and tear. In my opinion too many of the new luminarks looks like they’ve just rolled out of the car wash.

Anyway any feedback on the look of the army so far would be greatly appreciated as i am fully aware im the least skilled when it comes to painting out of the 4 geeks here. Something I more than make up for with charm, good looks and charisma though.



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